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Science Writer in Residence

    • University of Arizona
    • For fall semester, 2001—mid August through late December—I was Science Writer in Residence at the University of Arizona. As an adjunct instructor in the departments of Journalism and Molecular and Cellular Biology, I taught one undergraduate class in science writing.
      I have archived my Class Website.

Consulting Editor

    • Genome News Network
      During February, March and April, 2000, I worked full time as a temporary, contract senior editor for Genome News Network, an online news magazine covering genomics and genetics.
    • OnHealth
      During OnHealth’s prelaunch, in the winter of 1997-1998, I consulted on staffing, style and contents. I recruited and screened candidates for editorial positions. I recruited and screened potential freelance contributors.
      In 2001, OnHealth was purchased by WebMD.


  • Developmental editor, Organic Chemistry, by Paula Y. Bruice, 1995
  • Contributing Developmental Editor
    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of Plants published by the American      Society of Plant Physiologists, 2000
    Biology, Audesirk and Audesirk, Prentice Hall
    Zoology, Dorit, Walker and Barnes, Saunders
    Laboratory manuals, test preparation booklets, etc.
  • What’s a developmental editor? “Producing a great textbook with the help of a developmental editor,” BioScience October 1996
    Download or view Developmental Editing pdf (3.8 MB)

Other Editing

  • Editor, “Speech Recognition and Sensory Integration,” Massaro and Stork, American Scientist, May-June 1998
  • American Society for Cell Biology Press Book 1999
    I edited the articles in the Press Book (print and web) and designed and produced the web version.
  • Editor, Options magazine, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (summer 1995). IIASA is located in Laxenburg, Austria. Visit the Laxenburg Castle, where I worked. E-mail me to request a clip of my article for Options, “Evolution of Cooperation” in pdf format.