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Features and News covering a variety of disciplines

Below find a selection of articles arranged by topic, only some of more than 160 writing and editing projects I’ve published since 1989.

Astronomy, Cosmology, Chemistry

  • Cave Slime and some 20 other stories for NASA’s Astrobiology Magazine
  • Holes in the Heavens, chapter, Into the Intergalactic Void, feature, both in Between the Stars, Time-Life Books, 1990
  • The Motions of the Earth, The Sun, Space Exploration, in Space and Planets, Time-Life for Children, 1990
  • Developmental Editor for Organic Chemistry by Paula Y. Bruice, 1995


  • The Animal Communication Project and The Language of Animals
  • Baby bee odor lures cradle-robbing mites, news, Science News, 08/12/89 (Honeybee mites)
  • The Complex Lives of Social Insects, chapter, in Insects and Spiders, Time-Life for Children 1990
  • A Treasure Trove of Life, chapter in How Things Work: Oceans, Time-Life Books 1991 (Life in the oceans.)
  • Caterpillar Cadillacs, short feature, Discover, 03/92 (One of the world’s most inefficient animals)
  • When Wolbachia invades, insect sex lives get a new spin, feature, BioScience, 01/95
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium, SCIaS, Science Asahi Magazine (Japan), 07/96 (Special issue on future aquariums)

Evolution, Earth Science, Ecology

  • Earthquake I, Earthquake II, news, KUSP Radio, 04/03/1989
  • Rafting Through Time, feature, Science World, 09/02/94 (The Grand Canyon)
  • Ocean Currents, section, Earth Explorer: The Multimedia Encyclopedia of the Environment, 1995
  • Food Chains: The Carbon Link, cover feature, Science News, 09/09/89
  • In-Situ Bioremediation, feature, Environmental Science and Technology, 1996
  • Where Life Began, chapter in Evolution of Life, Time-Life for Children, 1990
  • Evolution of Cooperation, Options, 09/01/95

Health, Medicine

Molecular Biology, Technology

  • Gene therapy, Sci-fi no longer, feature, Patient Care, 06/15/93
  • Test-tube survival of the molecularly fit, feature, BioScience, 12/01/93
  • RNA’s Revising Machinery, feature, BioScience, 05/01/96
  • UCSC scientist fights errors in satellite communication, news, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 11/17/88 (Error correction codes.)
  • Monterey Institute Pioneers Use of Remote Deep-sea Probes, feature, The Scientist, 03/19/90 (MBARI’s remotely operated deep-sea vehicle)
  • The Human Adventure, chapter in How Things Work: Space, Time-Life Books, 1991 (Details the development and operation of America’s space shuttle)


  • Meet the city’s new bird species: the west side pond cleaner, feature, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 01/23/89
  • Gays in the movies, feature, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 01/31/89
  • Psychologist takes Cezanne’s point of view, feature, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 02/05/89
  • Producing a great textbook with the help of a developmental editor, feature, BioScience, 10/96
  • Magazines (Science Journals), Liberty Tree Alliance Web Site, 04/97