Thonet Chairs in Movies

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Title Year Stars and Director Screenshot Notes
Scarface 1932

Paul Muni
Ann Dvorak
Osgood Perkins
Karen Morley
Boris Karloff

Howard Hawks
Richard Rosson

Thonet No. 18 and No. 45 chairs in the Columbia Cafe shootout scene.

Thonet chairs also appear in a restaurant scene and in the Pietro Barber Shop.

Of Human Bondage 1934

Leslie Howard
Bette Davis
Frances Dee

John Cromwell

Leslie Howard and Bette Davis, with a Thonet No. 18 shown between them. All the chairs in this restaurant scene are No. 18s, with the older-style circular leg brace.
Fury 1936

Sylvia Sidney
Spencer Tracy
Walter Brennan

Fritz Lang


Spencer Tracey drinks in a closed bar with Thonet No. 18s stacked on tables, complete with noir shadows.



Sylvia Sidney in the courtroom, which has Thonet No. 18s for lawyers and clients.

There’s also a restaurant scene featuring Thonet No. 18 and No. 45 chairs.

Ninotchka 1939

Greta Garbo
Melvyn Douglas
Ina Claire

Ernst Lubitsch

Thonet chairs appear in several scenes. The most visible chair in this screenshot is a Thonet No. 45.
Blues in the Night 1941

Richard Whorf
Elia Kazan (acting)

Anatole Litvak

Thonet No. 18s in the probably fictional St. Louis Café.
Mr. District Attorney 1941

Dennis O'Keefe
Florence Rice
Peter Lorre
Stanley Ridges
Minor Watson
Charles Arnt

William Morgan


Dennis O'Keefe and Florence Rice in a café scene. The chairs are like the Thonet No. 3 in the office furniture (Schreibtischfauteuils) section of the 1904 Thonet catalog.

A similar model appears in The Woman in the Window 1944.

(Lower image is zoomed from the screenshot above.)

The Little Foxes 1941

Bette Davis
Herbert Marshall
Teresa Wright

William Wyler

Two styles of Thonet chairs at the table, No. 18 and No. 45.
Citizen Kane 1941 Orson Welles
Joseph Cotten
Dorothy Comingore
Everett Sloane
Ray Collins
George Coulouris
Agnes Moorehead
Paul Stewart
Ruth Warrick
Erskine Sanford
William Alland

Orson Welles


Citizen Kane is full of remarkable shots and scenes.

In one crane shot, the camera moves through a neon sign (built to open up for the camera), then down through a skylight (using a cross fade) to show a café scene below, where Susan Kane (Dorothy Comingore) gets drunk after a show and talks with the faceless journalist.
Three characters cast noir shadows:
Susan, the man in the doorway and a Thonet No. 18 at a table in the background.

Welles repeats this scene twice more, each time with changes in the set showing the passage of time.

The second time, the Thonet chairs behind Susan have been moved, as if they had been used. The two distinct noir shadows are Susan’s and a Thonet No. 18’s.

In the third repetition, late in the film, the El Rancho café appears ready to close, with the Thonet chairs stacked up on the tables in the corner behind Susan. Thonet chairs stacked on tables is a trope of noir movies.

Moontide 1942

Jean Gabin
Ida Lupino
Thomas Mitchell
Claude Rains

Archie Mayo


Thonet bar stools in the Red Dot bar (featuring Eastside Beer).

Nutsy (Claude Rains), Bobo (Jean Gabin), Tiny (Thomas Mitchell) and a Thonet No. 45 in the “Shower Room.”

This Gun for Hire 1942 Veronica Lake
Robert Preston
Laird Cregar
Alan Ladd

Frank Tuttle

You can't see the seats or legs, but the back looks like Thonet No. 440.
Cover Girl 1944

Rita Hayworth
Gene Kelly
Phil Silvers

Charles Vidor


Cover Girl, a Technicolor musical, contains this remarkable set with many Thonet No. 18s and No. 45s (painted gold). Scenes on this set include three Thonet chair tropes:

Thonet chair shadows (larger than life)
Thonet chairs stacked on tables (closing time)
Shots through Thonet chairs

The Woman in the Window 1944

Edward G. Robinson
Joan Bennett
Raymond Massey
Dan Duryea

Fritz Lang

The chairs around tables in the dining room of the club look like like a blond version of the Thonet No. 3 in the office furniture (Schreibtischfauteuils) section of the 1904 Thonet catalog.

This model is also seen in Mr. District Attorney 1941.
Brief Encounter 1945 Celia Johnson,
Trevor Howard,
Stanley Holloway
Joyce Carey

David Lean

Thonet No. 14s in the Refreshment Room of a train station.
Fallen Angel 1945 Dana Andrews
Linda Darnell

Otto Preminger

The Lost Weekend 1945 Ray Milland
Jane Wyman
Howard Da Silva

Billy Wilder

Thonet No. 18s in Nat’s Bar.
Scarlet Street 1945 Edward G. Robinson
Joan Bennett
Dan Duryea

Fritz Lang

Thonet No. 18s in a café scene.

A Thonet No. 440 appears in another scene wtih Edward G. Robinson.

Dan Duryea sits in a Thonet chair at the piano later.

Cornered 1945 Dick Powell
Walter Slezak
Micheline Cheirel

Edward Dmytryk

Thonet No. 18s, some stacked on a table.
The Best Years of our Lives 1946 Myrna Loy
Fredric March
Dana Andrews
Teresa Wright
Virginia Mayo
Harold Russell

William Wyler

Thonet No. 18s in a restaurant scene.

In another scene, Hoagy Carmichael and Harrold Russel sit at a piano on Thonet No. 18s.

The Killers 1946 Burt Lancaster
Ava Gardner
Edmond O'Brien
Sam Levene

Robert Siodmak

Thonet No. 18s in a café scene. No. 18s appear in another scene, as well.
Kiss of Death 1947

Victor Mature
Brian Donlevy
Coleen Gray
Richard Widmark

Henry Hathaway

In this ex-con going straight film noir, several clubs and restaurants figure prominently, but only the last one—where Nick Bianco (Victor Mature) confronts the killer Tommy Udo (Richard Widmark in his first film)— features Thonet chairs.

In Luigi’s (Sea Food, Cocktails):
Thonet No. 18s and Thonet No. 45s.

Brute Force 1947 Burt Lancaster
Hume Cronyn
Charles Bickford

Jules Dassin

This is the printing shop in the prison, with a No. 18. The visitor’s room scene also has No. 18s.
Dark Passage 1947 Humphrey Bogart
Lauren Bacall

Delmer Daves

Houseley Stevenson as Dr. Walter Coley
Daisy Kenyon 1947 Joan Crawford
Henry Fonda
Dana Andrews

Otto Preminger

Thonet No. 45s and No. 18s
Born to Kill 1947

Claire Trevor
Lawrence Tierney
Walter Slezak
Phillip Terry
Audrey Long
Elisha Cook, Jr.

Robert Wise

In Mrs. Kraft’s boarding house, Thonet No. 33 chairs at the table.
This model also appears in Rosemary’s Baby (1968).

Raw Deal 1948

Dennis O'Keefe
Claire Trevor
Marsha Hunt
Raymond Burr

Anthony Mann

A Thonet No. 18 as a foreground witness to the double cross in the back room at Grimshaw’s Taxidermy, Fishing and Sport Supplies.

The stuffed bear looks almost like a noir shadow of the gunman.

Another Thonet No. 18 can be seen in the background of the main room at Grimshaw’s.

Call Northside 777 1948 James Stewart
Richard Conte
Lee J. Cobb
Helen Walker

Henry Hathaway

Thonet chairs at tables in the background in a bar scene, part of a famous montage of bar scenes in the movie.
Highway 13 1948

Robert Lowery
Pamela Blake
Clem Bevans
Michael Whalen

William Berke


In the Clover garage and diner where trucker Hank Wilson (Robert Lowery) meets his fiance, the waitress (Pamela Blake).

The chairs at the tables—shown only in the background—are Thonet No. 124s, with the newer curved leg brace.

Wrong Number
1948 Barbara Stanwyck
Burt Lancaster

Anatole Litvak

Young Man with a Horn 1950 Kirk Douglas
Lauren Bacall
Doris Day
Hoagy Carmichael

Michael Curtiz

Doris Day, Hoagy Carmichael and Kirk Douglas in a hospital room scene.  Thonet No. 45s in the background.
Many other Thonet Chairs shown very briefly or barely visible, especially in Galba's Club.
Caged 1950 Eleanor Parker
Agnes Moorehead
Ellen Corby
Hope Emerson

John Cromwell

The Asphalt Jungle 1950 Sterling Hayden
Louis Calhern
Jean Hagen
James Whitmore
Sam Jaffe
John McIntire

John Huston

Thonet No. 18
His Kind of Woman 1951 Robert Mitchum
Jane Russell
Vincent Price

John Farrow
Richard Fleischer

Thonet No. 18s and No. 45s in a diner.
Sudden Fear 1952 Joan Crawford
Jack Palance
Gloria Grahame

David Miller

The opening scene of Sudden Fear shows a rehearsal of Halfway to Heaven, a new Myra Hudson (Joan Crawford) play, with Thonet No. 18s on the stage set.
The Greatest Show on Earth 1952 Betty Hutton
Cornel Wilde
Charlton Heston
James Stewart
Dorothy Lamour
Gloria Grahame
Lyle Bettger

Cecil B. DeMille

Four clowns and a Thonet No. 18.

As each clown attempts to sit in the chair, the next clown in line jerks the chair away.

Vicki 1953

Jeanne Crain
Jean Peters
Elliott Reid
Richard Boone

Harry Horner


Jill (Jeanne Crain) and Vicki (Jean Peters) in Webster’s Cafeteria. The chairs are Thonet No. 391 or similar, with the more modern curved leg braces.


Jill packing in Club Capri, with upholstered Thonet chairs.

The Band Wagon 1953

Fred Astaire
Cyd Charisse
Oscar Levant
Nanette Fabray
Jack Buchanan

Vincente Minnelli

This is the final segment of the musical within a musical. The segment has a noir (ganster) motif, is set in “Dem Bones Café,” and features both Thonet No. 18s and No. 45s.

Other scenes also feature Thonet chairs.

The Fake 1953 Dennis O'Keefe
Coleen Gray
Hugh Williams
Guy Middleton
John Laurie
Eliot Makeham
and many others

Godfrey Grayson

Thonet No. 14
The Big Knife 1955 Jack Palance
Ida Lupino
Wendell Corey
Jean Hagen
Rod Steiger
Shelley Winters

Robert Aldrich

A set within a set.
Three Cases of Murder 1955 Alan Badel
Orson Welles
John Gregson
André Morell
Patrick Macnee

Three Cases of Murder is a so-called omnibus movie with three separate stories.

This scene is in the middle segment “You Killed Elizabeth,” directed by David Eady.

The chairs look like a more modern version of the No.12 or No. 393 shown in the 1904 Thonet Illustrated Catalogue.
Illegal 1955

Edward G. Robinson
Nina Foch
Hugh Marlowe
Jayne Mansfield
DeForest Kelley

Lewis Allen

Thonet No. 18s and No. 45—and Edward G. Robinson—in Joe’s Bar.

A Thonet No. 45 appears in another scene, in D.F. Jarvis Bail Bonds, where Victor Scott (Edward G. Robinson) is getting his stomach pumped after drinking poison in a courtroom.

The Killing 1956 Sterling Hayden
Coleen Gray
Vince Edwards

Stanley Kubrick

Kola Kwariani and Sterling Hayden in the “Academy of Chess and Checkers.” A Thonet No. 45 seems like a third party to the conversation in this shot.

Both Thonet No. 18s and No. 45s are visible in several shots in the academy.

Around the World in 80 Days 1956 David Niven
many cameos including
Marlene Dietrich

Michael Anderson

Marlene Dietrich between Thonet No. 18s.

Teacher's Pet 1958 Clark Gable
Doris Day
Gig Young
Mamie Van Doren

George Seaton

The Thonet chairs in this scene could be the iconic No. 18 with a covered back and decorative nails.
Some Came Running 1958 Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Shirley MacLaine

Vincente Minnelli

Two Thonet No. 18s in a hotel room.
The Crimson Kimono 1959

Victoria Shaw
Glenn Corbett
James Shigeta

Samuel Fuller

A Thonet No. 18 in Sugar Torch’s dressing room at the 258 Club.

Shuto (played by the Japanese-American wrestler and stuntman Fuji) throws a Thonet No. 18 at Det. Sgt. Charlie Bancroft (Glenn Corbett) in a Pool Hall.

Thonet No. 18s and No. 45s stacked on tables.
One, Two, Three 1961

James Cagney
Horst Buchholz
Pamela Tiffin
Arlene Francis

Billy Wilder

Paris Blues 1961

Paul Newman
Joanne Woodward
Sidney Poitier
Louis Armstrong
Diahann Carroll

Martin Ritt

Thonet No. 18 chairs in Club 33, where the band practices and plays. There are also Thonet stools shown stored upside down in the practice scenes.
The Hustler 1961 Paul Newman
Jackie Gleason
Piper Laurie
George C. Scott

Robert Rossen


Thonet No. 45 in a bar scene.

Thonet No. 18 upstairs in the pool hall.

Two Weeks in Another Town 1962

Kirk Douglas
Edward G. Robinson
Cyd Charisse
George Hamilton
Claire Trevor
Daliah Lavi
Rosanna Schiaffino

Vincente Minnelli

This Thonet No. 18 inexplicably sits in front of the first row in a studio screening room, between director Maurice Kruger (Edward G. Robinson) and the screen.

Hell Is for Heroes 1962 Steve McQueen
Bobby Darin
Fess Parker
Michele Montau

Don Siegel

Requiem for a Heavyweight 1962

Anthony Quinn
Jackie Gleason
Mickey Rooney
Julie Harris

Ralph Nelson

From a television script by Rod Serling.

Probably a Thonet No. 18 that Anthony Quinn is sitting on.

Irma la Douce 1963

Jack Lemmon
Shirley MacLaine
Lou Jacobi
Herschel Bernardi

Billy Wilder


Irma la Douce (Irma the Sweet) features Thonet chairs and other Thonet furniture more than any movie I’ve seen.

Chez Moustache (the bar/poolroom) includes Thonet No. 45s at the  tables and at least one Thonet bar stool at the bar.

Near the end of the movie, as Moustache mops the floor, Thonet chairs are shown stacked on tables, a noir trope.
One shot is through the chairs with important action—a police car arriving— outside the bar.

Irma’s “office” (bedroom), contains at least three styles of Thonet chair, including a Thonet armchair very similar to a No. 3.
The inspector’s office includes a Kanapee (sofa), similar to No. 12, a Kleiderstock (clothes stand) similar to No. 4, and what looks like a padded Thonet desk chair.
The World of
Henry Orient

Peter Sellers
Paula Prentiss
Merrie Spaeth
Tippy Walker
Tom Bosley
Angela Lansbury

George Roy Hill

Henry Orient (Peter Sellers) and Stella Dunnworthy (Paula Prentiss) in Gino’s, a “spaghetti joint.”

Thonet No. 18s at the tables.

The Killing of Sister George 1968 Beryl Reid
Susannah York
Coral Browne

Robert Aldrich

Rosemary's Baby 1968 Mia Farrow
John Cassavetes
Ruth Gordon
Sidney Blackmer
Maurice Evans
Ralph Bellamy
Angela Dorian

Roman Polanski

Thonet No. 33 chairs show up in several shots of the kitchen.  Another Thonet chair can be seen in a bedroom scene.
The Sergeant 1968

Rod Steiger
John Phillip Law
Ludmila Mikaël

John Flynn

This screenshot is from the climactic scene where Sgt. Callan (Rod Steiger) kisses PFC Swanson (John Phillip Law) in a bar.

The chairs are Thonet No. 56 with the newer arched lower braces.

The Wild Bunch 1969 William Holden
Ernest Borgnine
Robert Ryan
Edmond O'Brien
Warren Oates
Jaime Sánchez
Ben Johnson

Sam Peckinpah

Two Thonet chairs appear in this scene. They look like part of the No. 19 - No. 31 series shown in the 1904 Thonet Illustrated Catalogue.
Rio Lobo 1970 John Wayne
Jorge Rivero
Jennifer O'Neill
Jack Elam
Christopher Mitchum

Howard Hawks

Thonet No. 18s behind the table.  At the table, two writing desk armchairs No. 3 with the newer curved lower braces.
Cabaret 1972 Liza Minnelli
Michael York
Joel Grey

Bob Fosse

The famous opening scene of Cabaret is full of Thonet chairs, mostly No. 18s.
A Doll’s House 1973

Jane Fonda
Edward Fox
Trevor Howard

Joseph Losey

In the Kaffe Salon
Emergency!: Season 3: "How Green Was My Thumb?" 1974 Kevin Tighe
Randolph Mantooth

Christian I. Nyby II

Fire in a winery.
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia 1974 Warren Oates
Isela Vega
Robert Webber
Gig Young
Helmut Dantine

Sam Peckinpah

Columbo Season 2: "Etude in Black" 1976 Peter Falk

Nicholas Colasanto

S 6, E10
“Welcome to Santa Rosa County”
1976 Kevin Tighe
Randolph Mantooth

Christian I. Nyby II

Thonet No. 45 and No. 18
Emergency! S6, E3 “The Unlikely Heirs" 1976 Kevin Tighe
Randolph Mantooth

Georg Fenady

A fire at a stage set.
Julia 1977 Jane Fonda
Vanessa Redgrave
Jason Robards
Hal Holbrook
Rosemary Murphy
Maximilian Schell

Fred Zinnemann

Columbo: Season 7: "Try and Catch Me" 1977 Peter Falk

James Frawley

The Turning Point 1977 Shirley MacLaine
Anne Bancroft
Tom Skerritt
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Leslie Browne

Herbert Ross

Despair 1978 Dirk Bogarde
Andréa Ferréol
Klaus Löwitsch
Volker Spengler

Rainer Werner Fassbinder

The Ninth Configuration 1980

Stacy Keach
Scott Wilson
Jason Miller
Ed Flanders

William Peter Blatty


Early scenes in The Ninth Configuration feature a Thonet No. 14 painted green.

Later, in Kane’s office in the castle, there are two Thonet No. 14s for visitors.

The Verdict 1982 Paul Newman
Charlotte Rampling
Jack Warden
James Mason
Milo O'Shea

Sidney Lumet

Buffalo Bill: Season 2: Episode 2 "Buffalo Beat" 1983 Dabney Coleman
Max Wright
Joanna Cassidy
Geena Davis
John Fiedler

Tom Patchett

No. 18 and No. 16
Lianna 1983

Linda Griffiths
Jane Hallaren
Jon DeVries

John Sayles

The Trip to Bountiful 1985

Geraldine Page
John Heard
Carlin Glynn
Richard Bradford
Rebecca De Mornay

Peter Masterson


Jessie Mae (Carlin Glynn) sits on a Thonet No. 19 in Sam’s Pharmacy


In a late scene in a bus station,  Mrs. Watts (Geraldine Page) and an unocupied Thonet No. 98, or a similar model in the 90 series.

The Quick and the Dead 1987 Sam Elliott
Tom Conti
Kate Capshaw
Kenny Morrison
Matt Clark

Robert Day

Best Seller 1987 James Woods
Brian Dennehy
Victoria Tennant

John Flynn

Another Woman 1988

Philip Bosco
Betty Buckley
Blythe Danner Sandy Dennis
Mia Farrow
Gene Hackman
and many others Director:
Woody Allen

The Committments 1991 Robert Arkins
Michael Aherne
Angeline Ball
Maria Doyle
and many others

Alan Parker

More Thonet chairs in other scenes.
Agatha Christie's Miss Marple:
They Do It with Mirrors
1991 Joan Hickson
Jean Simmons
Joss Ackland
and many others

Norman Stone

Citizen X 1995 Stephen Rea
Donald Sutherland
Max von Sydow

Chris Gerolmo

The chair is a Thonet No. 54, with a plywood seat.
Shanghai Triad 1995 Gong Li
Li Baotian
Li Xuejian
Sun Chun
Wang Xiaoxiao

Zhang Yimou

Thonet chairs also appear in other scenes.
A Summer's Tale
Conte d'été
1996 Melvil Poupaud
Amanda Langlet
Gwenaëlle Simon
Aurelia Nolin
Aimé Lefèvre
Alain Guellaff
Evelyne Lahana
Yves Guérin
Franck Cabot

Éric Rohmer

America's Sweethearts 2001 Catherine Zeta-Jones

Joe Roth

The scene is from “Time Over Time,” a film made by Hal Weidmann (Christopher Walken), reworking the opening of Cabaret.
Zeta-Jones is sitting on a No. 16. A No. 18 is in the background.
The Quiet American 2002 Michael Caine
Brendan Fraser
Do Thi Hai Yen

Phillip Noyce

Till Human Voices Wake Us 2002 Guy Pearce
Helena Bonham Carter

Michael Petroni

Evelyn 2002 Sophie Vavasseur
Pierce Brosnan
Stephen Rea
Alan Bates
Julianna Margulies
Aidan Quinn

Bruce Beresford

Speakeasy 2002

David Strathairn
Nicky Katt
Stacy Edwards
Arthur Hiller
Lake Bell
Christopher McDonald

Brendan Murphy

A restaurant set
There are Thonet chairs in at least one other set.
Monarch of the Glen: Series 5: "Episode 4 or 6" 2003 Lloyd Owen
Alastair Mackenzie
Dawn Steele

Robert Knights

Both Thonet No. 16 and Thonet No. 18 in a restaurant scene.
Ray 2004 Jamie Foxx
Kerry Washington
Clifton Powell
Harry Lennix
Terrence Howard
Larenz Tate
Richard Schiff
Regina King

Taylor Hackford

Thonet chairs upside down on restaurant tables (or stacked) is a trope of noir movies.
Chaos 2005 Jason Statham
Ryan Phillippe
Wesley Snipes
Justine Waddell
Keegan Connor Tracy
Henry Czerny

Tony Giglio

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day 2008 Frances McDormand
Amy Adams
Ciarán Hinds
Lee Pace

Bharat Nalluri

No. 18 and No. 16 in a dressing room scene.
Coco Before Chanel 2009 Audrey Tautou,
Benoît Poelvoorde,
Alessandro Nivola,
Marie Gillain,
Emmanuelle Devos

Anne Fontaine

Today's Special 2009 Aasif Mandvi

David Kaplan

Three models are shown:
No. 18, No. 16, No.14
Georgia O'Keeffe 2009 Joan Allen
Jeremy Irons

Bob Balaban

Grey's Anatomy: Season 5: "What a Difference a Day Makes" 2009 Ellen Pompeo
Sandra Oh
Katherine Heigl
and many others

Rob Corn

The American 2010 George Clooney

Anton Corbijn

In the Bar Del Monte.
Foyle’s War
Series 6 Episode 1
The Russian House
2010 Michael Kitchen
Honeysuckle Weeks
Anthony Howell
Foyle’s War
Series 6 Episode 3
The Hide
2010 Michael Kitchen
Honeysuckle Weeks
Anthony Howell

In an early scene in Der Alte Palast Dresden Cafe, one room has many Thonet No. 18s. In the background is a tall stool with a back, possibly a Thonet No. 10/14 or No. 20.
The Adventures of Tintin 2011

Steven Spielberg

The Captain, Snowy and Tintin, with Thonet chairs in the background.
Hugo 2011 Ben Kingsley
Sacha Baron Cohen
Asa Butterfield
Chloë Grace Moretz
Ray Winstone
Emily Mortimer
Christopher Lee
Jude Law

Martin Scorsese

Renoir 2012 Michel Bouquet
Christa Theret
Vincent Rottiers
Thomas Doret

Gilles Bourdos

Foyle’s War
Series 7 Episode 3
2013 Michael Kitchen
Honeysuckle Weeks

Looking through a Thonet No. 14, with Foyle’s hat on the seat, at another Thonet No. 14, an echo of the over-the-shoulder shot from Foyle to Thomas Nelson.

Other episodes in series 7 also show Thonet chairs.

The Best Offer 2013 Geoffrey Rush
Jim Sturgess
Sylvia Hoeks
Donald Sutherland

Giuseppe Tornatore

The Best Offer—a film about an art collector—includes Thonet chairs in some scenes, and a Thonet chair in a painting (apparently made for the film).
Inside Llewyn Davis 2013 Oscar Isaac
Carey Mulligan
John Goodman
Justin Timberlake
Adam Driver

Joel Coen
Ethan Coen

Thonet chairs upside down on restaurant tables (or stacked) is a trope of noir movies.
American Hustle 2013 Christian Bale
Bradley Cooper
Amy Adams
Jeremy Renner
Jennifer Lawrence

David O. Russell

Thonet No.14 appears in an outdoor cafe scene.
Jimi: All Is by My Side 2013 André Benjamin
Imogen Poots
Hayley Atwell
Burn Gorman

John Ridley

Saving Mr. Banks 2013 Emma Thompson
Tom Hanks
Paul Giamatti
Jason Schwartzman
Bradley Whitford
Colin Farrell

John Lee Hancock

Phantom 2013

Ed Harris
David Duchovny
William Fichtner
Lance Henriksen
Johnathon Schaech
Julian Adams

Todd Robinson

Thonet chair in background
Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself 2013 George Plimpton

Tom Bean
Luke Poling

In a Paris cafe
Days and Nights 2013 Jean Reno
Katie Holmes
William Hurt
and many more

and Director:
Christian Camargo


Foyle’s War
Series 6 Episode 1
The Russian House

2010 Michael Kitchen
Honeysuckle Weeks
Thonet No. 18s in a bar.
Blood Ties 2013 Clive Owen
Billy Crudup
Marion Cotillard
Mila Kunis
Zoe Saldana
Matthias Schoenaerts
James Caan

Guilleaume Canet

Good People 2013 James Franco
Kate Hudson
Omar Sy
Tom Wilkinson
Sam Spruell

Henrik Ruben Genz

Broadchurch (BBC) 2013 David Tennant
Olivia Colman

James Strong
Euros Lyn

Testament of Youth 2014 Alicia Vikander
Kit Harington
Taron Egerton
Colin Morgan
Emily Watson
Hayley Atwell
Dominic West
Miranda Richardson

James Kent

An Honest Liar 2014 James Randi
Alice Cooper
Bill Nye
Adam Savage
Penn & Teller
Michael Shermer

Justin Weinstein
Tyler Measom

This documentary shows Thonet chairs in several scenes, including this one with Harry Houdini ringing a bell with his toes. Other scenes show stage escapes from being tied in a Thonet chair.
Houdini 2014 Adrien Brody
Kristen Connolly

Uli Edel

To Be Takei 2014 George Takei

Jennifer M. Kroot

This is a scene from Takei’s musical Allegiance, shown in the documentary.
Klondike 2014 Richard Madden Abbie Cornish
Marton Csokas Ian Hart
Greg Lawson Conor Leslie
Tim Blake Nelson
Augustus Prew
Johnny Simmons
Tim Roth
Sam Shepard

Simon Cellan Jones

Thonet chairs appear in other scenes as well.
Danny Collins 2015 Al Pacino
Annette Bening
Jennifer Garner
Bobby Cannavale
Christopher Plummer

Dan Fogelman

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Series 3: "Murder & the Maiden" 2015 Essie Davis
Nathan Page
Hugo Johnstone-Burt
Ashleigh Cummings

Tony Tilse

Thonet chairs also appear in other episodes.
Bartender 2016 Don Cheadle

Gina Prince-Bythewood

One of nine short black-and-white films, a series of classic film-noir scenarios. The action takes place in a dimly lit bar with Thonet chairs.

Written And Directed By
Gina Prince-Bythewood
Set Decorator Marisa Collins

Presented by The New York Times

The Crown 2016

Claire Foy
Matt Smith
Vanessa Kirby
Eileen Atkins
John Lithgow
and many others

Thonet No. 18s in a "gentleman's club." Another shot in the same set shows a Thonet No. 14 from the back..
Café Society 2016

Jeannie Berlin
Steve Carell
Jesse Eisenberg
Blake Lively
Parker Posey
Kristen Stewart
Corey Stoll
Ken Stott

Woody Allen

Thonet No. 18
Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You 2016 Norman Lear
George Clooney
Bill Moyers

Heidi Ewing
Rachel Grady

This is a movie set shown in the documentary. Lear is sitting in a No. 18, the other three chairs are No. 16