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Thonet models noted in these web pages are listed in number order except for the top few of most common models seen in movies.
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Most images come from the Thonet1904 Illustrated Catalog, reprinted by Dover.
This catalog shows all chairs with the older circular leg brace, later replaced with the curved leg brace seen in No. 16 below.

Thonet No. 18

The most common model seen in films. A variant features a narrow inner loop like the No. 54 below.

Thonet No. 45 ½
round seat
No. 45, below, is difficult to distinguish from 45 ½ in movies.

Thonet No. 16
Variant of No. 18 not shown in early catalogs but often seen in movies.
This image shows the common modern curved leg brace.

Thonet No. 14
The classic Vienna café chair.

Thonet No. 4
This model was Michael Thonet’s first independent commission, in 1849, for the Café Daum in Vienna.


Thonet No. 12


Thonet No. 15

Thonet No. 16 (1904 catalogue)


Thonet No. 19


Thonet No. 20  

Thonet No. 33


Thonet No. 45
trapezoidal seat.

Thonet No. 54

Thonet No. 98

Thonet No. 124
(with intarsia, an option on many models)

Thonet No. 321

Thonet No. 391

Thonet No. 393

Thonet No. 440

Thonet No. 3
(writing desk armchair)

Thonet produced many variations on this general pattern.

Thonet No. 10/14 (office stool)

Thonet No. 20 (office stool)


Thonet No. S 533
Designed by
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
for Thonet, 1927
There are many variants of this chair.

Melnikov Café Chair


Thonet Kanapee No. 12

Dining Chair
Gustav Siegel for Thonet 1910