Histology Photomicrographs

Human Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL& 241L-242L)
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Connective tissue proper: Adipose tissue


Example: Adipose tissue is found in many places in the body. One place adipose found is in the subcutaneous layer (the layer just below the skin).

Slide: Skin, hair follicles HI 1-3
Location: Subcutaneous layer

Microscope at 400X

Adipose tissue is seen here in the layer between the skin and the muscles.

Adipose tissue is basically areolar connective tissue that has a high concentration of adipocytes. Two adipocytes are indicated by ad.

Most of the volume of an adipocyte is taken up by a large droplet of stored fat. The typical method of making tissue slides involves chemicals that dissolve fat; a white space shows the area that was occupied by the fat droplet.

The cytoplasm of the adipocyte is the thin rim of pink that surrounds the white space.

ct = connective tissue of deep layer (dermis) of skin

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