Histology Photomicrographs

Human Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL& 241L-242L)
Karen Hart, Peninsula College

Connective tissue: Areolar connective tissue


Examples: Areolar connective tissue is a soft tissue found in many areas including surrounding the blood vessels and nerves and forming the layer that flexibly attaches the skin to the muscles.

Slide: Areolar tissue, mammal, spread H560

Microscope at 400X

In this photo of areolar connective tissue, nuclei of cells are stained but the cytoplasm is pale and not distinguishable.

As fibroblasts are the most common cells in areolar tissue, the majority of the nuclei seen here are probably fibroblast nuclei.

The threadlike fibers labeled e are elastic fibers.

Collagen fibers are larger in diameter than elastic fibers but have a less distinct edge. In this slide the collagen fibers stain a pale pink and are not easy to see. The line labeled c is drawn across the width of a collagen fiber. Collagen fibers in this photo show mainly as indistinct areas of pink.

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