Histology Photomicrographs

Human Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL& 241L-242L)
Karen Hart, Peninsula College

Epithelial tissue: Simple columnar epithelium


Example: A simple columnar epithelium forms the lining of the intestine.

Slide: Epithelia 3 types HA 6-1
Location: Lining of intestine

Microscope at 400X

Food in the intestine is broken down in the lumen of the intestine to molecules small enough to be absorbed by the cells in contact with the lumen. These absorptive cells are a single layer of columnar cells
(a simple columnar epithelium). Note an oval nucleus in the lower part of each columnar cell.

Arrows indicate the base of this simple columnar epithelium sce. The lumen is indicated by lu.

The surface area for absorption is increased by projections of the intestinal wall called villi. A simple columnar epithelium forms the surface of a villus, connective tissue ct forms the interior of a villus.

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