Cold shoe mount for Shure MV88 mic

I made this DIY cold shoe mount for a Shure MV88 mic, which is designed to plug directly into an iPhone’s Lightning port. (Shure also sells a MV88+ video kit with a mount for the MV88+ mic, which has a different body.)
The mount is made of a scrap of thin aluminum angle with a small wood piece glued to the angle for the 1/4 x 20 mounting hole. I tapped the hole, then hardened the threads with super glue. The aluminum angle is padded with 1/16 inch neoprene foam tape. The mic is held on with neoprene O rings.
The male and female cold shoe halves are standard parts available from Amazon. The handle is a Joby Hand Grip.

The rig is mounted on a tripod base here just for the photograph.
In practice, the handle would be mounted on the left side of the bottom plate and the Movi Cinema Robot or camera would be mounted on the right.
A Lightning extension cord would connect the MV88 to an iPhone.
For use on a Movi CR, the cable would have to be very flexible.  If you were using this with no gimbal, you could mount the iPhone in a clamp on the right.

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